Ten States Two To Go !!

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Posted by MOM ( on January 13, 2005 at 18:36:53:

Hey there Mister: Just got back from running the two miles to the Late Buddies house and back, it was a balmy -2 degrees below zero. As you know once you get the first quarter in, it's warm. :) We thought about you along the way as we were crunching in the snow and slipping on the ice. We can look in the sky and think that you are looking at the same stars and it makes you seem closer to us. We had a nice run, not having to stop at all which is quite unusual, but dad said you don't want to in that temperature anyway. We always think as we struggle through the snowy roads that John has been through alot more than this. We are starting to get real excited about the Atlantic Ocean. Since we have already been in the Pacific this year, we are happy we have the opportunity to visit the other side of our country. So we have had a wonderful time, so far, running across the country with you, be it due south at first and then due east. The other night,I believe it was due North for awhile, sorry about that. Talk about exciting. Especially for a mother who's you know what birthday is coming up. I can see that that excitement is only going to continue to build as you come up with new and even more hair-raising (Graying) travels. You can certainly sit down later on and look back on your brilliant ideas. Yes, maybe I could run longer today and tonight and maybe allnight. I felt a hundred times better when I went through the photos and saw your feet, at least they look pretty good, I don't know what I was expecting, but for feet that have seen the action that yours have, I would say they look great. Your close ups of your legs were appreciated also, alot of muscle and no scars, brusing or wear and tear. We still are not used to seeing you with the facial hair and I am not sure we could, but it has actually filled in quite nicely. That haircut and shave will be enjoyable for you, but I am sure Heidi has that on the top ten list too. All in all for the onlookers it has seemed to be an adventure of a lifetime, but for you to think that you have actually put your feet down on the ground of so many miles of this country. You will never be able to walk, run, bicycle, drive, or fly across this country without thinking of the places you were. Don't get any bright ideas, I think that once is enough, let someone else try it out. :) I am proud of your progress so far, the smile on your face continues to keep me sane. Hearing your calm, steady assured voice keeps me happy. There are too many people out there for me to thank but I would like to thank those who are reading this. They have kept up with the journey and left a message or too. Please leave more. I know there are a whole lot more who have beeped and waved. Stopped to ask who you were and where you were going. We appreciated every bit of the contact. It assured us once again that you were still RUNNING. As you know we are in the countdown mode now almost as if it is the New Year. It will be in a way, a New Year of a Fantastic Adventure Across America by a really good runner. Less than two weeks till we are in celebration mode. Love and Miss you alot. xoxoxox MOM

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