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Posted by mom ( on January 20, 2005 at 17:07:41:

We are having a heat wave. It actually warmed up enough for my car to finally start. We had so many days of below zero weather and I forgot to start it up one of those days, so for three-four days, I had to depend on the van for work. I was excited to see it get up to 10 degrees above zero. Can you believe it? We are getting snow along with the warmer weather, so I guess while we are away basking (hopefully) in sunshine, your sister will have to be the plow lady again and keep the driveway clear. She mentioned last night she may go to see Chris in GB, so hopefully she doesn't get so much she can't get into the yard. This week has absolutely flown by for us, I don't know about you, but I don't have enough time to get everything done. Last night was spent doing the usual. Taking down the rest of the Christmas decorations, somehow going to Hawaii during the holiday season kind of got me messed up, finally getting the tree in the box. I kind of miss it now tho. Then I was wrapping presents to bring so you can celebrate a little Christmas in Jan. In GA. That will be kind of fun. I made lasagna before we went out to run so that was nice and hot when we got home. Dad had to plow again and I cleaned the steps and porch walkway off once again. Laundry and packing filled the evening with fun excitement. Of course one of the high-lights was calling your brother to see if he could pick me up after work and bring me home, if the Saturn hadn't started. He hesitated a moment and said call me later. I think he was happy he didn't have to oblige. Michelle has a meet tonight and dad is out taking photos so I guess I would have had to walk..or problem huh? I hope that you are still finding interesting things to take photos of to share and that you will be in fairly early. I hope the supper you had last night was good. It was great talking to you. Not too many days now. That will be a good thing. Doing good. Love you xo MOM

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