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Posted by John Wallace III ( on January 24, 2005 at 10:30:01:

Footnote #034
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Usually those numbers are a countdown to a beginning, however they signify a conclusion to this remarkable journey across the United States as I finish up my last four days on the road. No more Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays left on this adventure.

I can't see or smell the salty sea just yet but it is over just a few more hills and around just a few more corners. The final days will be under sunny skies and warm temperatures just like it began 120 days ago. There was a beautiful tailwind yesterday and there will be a bright full moon tomorrow night. I'm taking everything in because an adventure like this usually occurs only once in a lifetime.

I haven't said thank you enough to everyone following along and those who have helped me along. Thank you, thank you, thank you! For those that have been motivated even in the slightest degree - you have made the run a success. For those who have been inspired to someday achieve a cross-country run, there are many miles out there to choose from and I suggest straying from the course every once in a while. My greatest adventures within the adventure popped up at the oddest times and in the oddest places. In other words, get lost once in a while!

Stay tuned for much more stats, another photo upload and an online video of the finish in the next few days on into the weekend. And if all goes well, keep an eye out within the coming year or two for a glossy book of photos and stories one man's journey across America. Any title suggestions??

Approximate mileage through each state.
WA: 308.05 miles
OR: 366.69
ID: 205.46
NV: 367.78
UT: 161.71
AZ: 327.73
NM: 498.58
TX: 576.56
AR: 226.83
MS: 211.60
AL: 304.32
GA: 228.66 (upon completion)

Approximate mileage through each month.
September: 144.42 miles
October: 764.37 miles
November: 891.96 miles
December: 1032.43 miles
January (as of 1/23/05): 811.84 miles

Approximate time running through each month.
September: 45 hours, 59 minutes, 13 seconds
October: 243 hours, 17 minutes, 41 seconds
November: 266 hours, 47 minutes, 34 seconds
December: 315 hours, 38 minutes, 57 seconds
January (as of 1/23/05): 237 hours, 54 minutes, 10 seconds

Approximate pace through each month.
September: 3.14 MPH
October: 3.14 MPH
November: 3.34 MPH
December: 3.27 MPH
January (as of 1/23/05): 3.41 MPH
Total Run: 3.29 MPH

Total Miles: 3,645.01
Estimated Final Miles: 3,796.48

Total Time: 1109 hours, 34 minutes, 29 seconds (46.23 days)
Estimated Final Time: 1157 hours (48 days)

4 days & counting...

Mon 1/24: Mount Vernon; 37.8 mi
Tue 1/25: Claxton; 42.7 mi
Wed 1/26: Richmond Hill; 39.2 mi
Thu 1/27: Tybee Island; 32.1 mi

151 miles to go!!


Equal parts desire, stubbornness, curiosity.

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