seeing john run

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Posted by mom ( on January 31, 2005 at 17:00:41:

John: John the runner. That has been said over and over so many times in the last 15+ years, that it has become an everyday phrase. For some,John has always been running and to others, they now have been introduced to John who has Run Across America. Once you started dreaming about running the distance you did, it came true because you let it. You have been able to take something so unimaginable to most and turn it into a dream come true. You never wasted your time with negative thoughts and always turned anything negative into a challenge or as you said "it's all part of the adventure" You must cherish all of your happy memories and moments; they will make alot of happy days as you get older. You were always able to take the unexpected in and let it keep your days interesting. No boring moments for you. As each day evolved from the beautiful sunrises you took pictures of, you had only your willpower and determination to get to where you needed to be. After not too long someone was there with you showing you just what our country was all about. Oh the people you have met along the way. So many fine folks, wondering what you were up to. To some it didn't seem right that a perfectly fine young man would just pack up and get out on the road to run. Why would anyone want to do such a thing? After seeing the pictures and talking to you for awhile, they have been left with memories of their own. Friends for a life time have been developed. You have done just what you had dreamed you could, or had hoped you could just do, you have inspired so many other people. You have given them food for thought, that if you could do this, then why couldn't they start, continue or finish those adventures in their own lives. You have lifted the spirits of so many, encouraged even more. I found a quote that says, We don't know who we are until we see what we can do. When ever I am down and out and feeling blue, I will always think of what you did. I will have that picture of you in my mind when you came around the corner for the last half mile, pushing the jogger with that determined look on your face. Looking for the way to the ocean and how you flew down the beach until you touched the water. Seeing John run was a beautiful experience for me, I was glad to be part of it. I never doubted that you would finish. I was eternally greatful when you did finish all in one piece. And so as our days fly, I hope that Seeing John Run, will continue to inspire others. I look forward to running with you soon. Just a few miles though :)..xoxolove you and so very proud of you xoxoxo mom

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