Hello from Pioche, NV.

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Posted by John Wallace III ( on November 10, 2004 at 15:49:54:

Pioche is a fun little town with some nice antique places, some historical
buildings, a million dollar courthouse, high speed internet at the library,
a cafe for satisfying the hunger, hotels for weary legs and an RV park for
the budget. After a few hours of research here at the libary here is what
is in store for the next couple of weeks:

Thu 11/11 - Run from Pioche, NV to Uvada or Modena, UT. Uvada is just over
the border and is 32 miles away, Modena is probably a bigger place and is 37
miles away. I will see what Uvada has to offer and decide as I'm running

Fri 11/12 - Run from Uvada or Modena to Enterprise. Mileage will be 27 to 32
miles. Enterprise has the Sleep E Motel.

Sat 11/13 - Run from Enterprise to Snow Canyon State Park. Mileage will be
about 28 miles. Snow Canyon S.P. is right off of 18, is open and has

Sun 11/14 (Should have Cell Phone service today being close to Interstate) -
Run from Snow Canyon S.P. to Hurricane. I was going to go to Quail Creek
S.P. but it is by the highway and north, not east. Hurricane has many more
options with RV parks and motels and is along 9 which is good. Mileage will
be 28 miles.

Mon 11/15 - Run from Hurricane to Colorado City, AZ or possibly Hildale, UT.
Mileage is about 25. Colorado City doesn't appear to have any lodging
options but either does Hildale. I am aware of the polygamy in the area
from my hosts in Vale that I stayed at. So this is another up in the air
day as of yet.

Tue 11/16 - Run from UT/AZ border to Fredonia. Mileage is 33 miles.
Fredonia has these fine options as well as Nedra's Cafe for food:
Crazy Jug Motel 465 S Main, Fredonia, AZ 86022 928-643-7752
Blue Sage Motel & RV 330 S Main St, Fredonia, AZ 86022 928-643-7125
Grand Canyon Motel 175 S Main St, Fredonia, AZ 86022 928-643-7646
Jackson House B&B 90 N Main St, Fredonia, AZ 86022 928-643-7702
Ship Rock Motel 337 S Main Highway 89a, Fredonia AZ 86022 928-643-7355

Wed 11/17 - Run from Fredonia to Jacob Lake. Mileage is 32 miles. Jacob
Lake has a campground but I haven't looked further into it yet.

Thu 11/18 - Run from Jacob Lake to Marble Canyon. Mileage is 41 miles.
There are 2 lodges here - the Marble Canyon and the Lee's Ferry. After the
long day a lodge will be nice. I may have to reserve (maybe get a

Fri 11/19 - Run from Marble Canyon to Cedar Ridge. Mileage is 33 miles.
Couldn't find anything here but maybe something in The Gap which is 6 more

Sat 11/20 - Run from Cedar Ridge to Tuba City. Mileage is 35 miles.
Haven't researched lodging.

Sun 11/21 - Run from Tuba City to Hotevilla. Mileage is 44 miles. Haven't
researched lodging and this is a long stretch.

Mon 11/22 - Run from Hotevilla to Polacca or Keams Canyon. Mileage is 24 to
38 miles depending on which stop. Dad may meet me this night and provide
the van to sleep in or I'll need to find a place at Polacca or Keams

Tue 11/23 - Happy B-Day Heidi!!! Run from Polacca/Keams Canyon to 33 miles
away. Dad will be in the area now and will provide the van each night
through Sat 11/27. I will run 33 miles or more each day to get me down to
Highway 60 for the night of Sun 11/28.

Wed 11/24 - Sat 11/27 - Run 33+/- miles each day. Thanksgiving dinner in
Gallup. Should have cell phone service on Thu 11/25 - Turkey day.

Sun 11/28 - Run from ?? - Quemado or Omega. Mileage will be 30 to 38 miles
depending on which place has some lodging. Dad will head back out around
noon and take 117 back up to Interstate 40 or continue down to Highway 60 to
Interstate 25 and then to Interstate 40.

My next time online may be Enterprise but
more likely Hurricane.

Arizona looks like it has stretches as desolate as Nevada did. But I made
it through here ok and I'm sure it will go fine there also. We are at just
about 38 degrees latitude now and will be close to 34 degrees in 2 weeks.
Tybee Island is 32 degrees so it will be due east very soon!

Weather looks ok with the usual sun, rain, snow in the mountains forecast
each day. Thunderstorms will be new once I get into Texas - but that is
many miles down the road!

Well I am off to get some lunch and then there is a spaghetti dinner tonight
to benefit the elementary school so I am going to enjoy that as well. The
tent is already set up at the RV park and I'll be heading out at sunrise.

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